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our vision for Berendson Academy

As a leader in developing and presenting quality education programs for the cooperative community, we consistently update our educational topics to keep pace with the ever-changing industry. We provide opportunities for members to enhance or refresh their trade and business expertise or to acquire new skills. It is also vital to stay relevant in your profession by committing to continuous learning and staying abreast of the latest knowledge and research.

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“The cooperative system is akin to a muscle that needs regular exercise to remain robust,” stated Dan Smith, CEO of CN. “Berendson Academy was established with the mission to fortify this system. As a central hub for cooperatives, offering access to complimentary training manuals and continuously updated courses, we are committed to preserving the historical success of cooperatives well into the future.”

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Overview and Benefits

Explore the various sections of the website to discover what they provide for cooperative board members.

Cooperative Information

Information Sharing

A curated collection of documents, such as contracts, bids, and other vital resources, is generously shared by cooperatives for the community's benefit.

Coop Links

A curated collection of resources tailored to our members' diverse needs, including cooperative, professional, association, and university links.

Training Opportunity

It's crucial to utilize the resources provided by MAHC & NAHC both now and in the future, such as the annual conference training sessions conducted by experts.

Coop FAQ

This FAQ section delves into the core aspects of cooperatives, examining their guiding principles, advantages, and distinctions from conventional business models.

Sample Forms

Significantly reducing the burden of manual tasks and routine activities is possible as information can be shared and updated immediately, ensuring everyone is informed and aligned.

Cooperative Portal

Portal Books

By harnessing the collective wisdom found in subject-specific literature, operations can be enhanced and made more efficient, allowing for swifter and simpler discovery of solutions.

Portal Articles

Welcome to our extensive cooperative portal, offering a rich array of articles designed to inform and captivate you on the diverse aspects of cooperative businesses.

Portal Cheat Sheet

Introducing our succinct yet extensive cooperative cheat sheet hub, crafted to deliver swift insights and actionable advice on a wide array of cooperative subjects.

Portal Guide

Welcome to our extensive collection of cooperative guidebooks, the ultimate resource for thorough investigation and hands-on advice on the principles and practices of cooperation.

Portal Reports

Welcome to our extensive collection of cooperative reports, carefully designed to offer thorough analysis, essential insights, and practical recommendations concerning the multifaceted aspects of cooperative businesses.

Academy Training

Training Course

We acknowledge the necessity to stay abreast of the industry's daily changes; therefore, we persist in providing exciting, dynamic, and relevant certification and education.

Training Manuals

Access free manuals from previous training sessions and class handbooks to assist with your training materials, ensuring you stay current with your training requirements.

Training Videos

A selection of complimentary training videos covering topics such as member orientation and conducting effective board meetings will be made available later this year.

Don't Miss Our Updates

Our website is continually updated with new courses that are too good to miss, including special free courses. Stay tuned for the latest offerings and take advantage of these educational opportunities.