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Welcome to our collection of helpful links! Here you'll find a curated selection of resources that our members can utilize for various purposes. Whether you're seeking educational materials, useful tools, or insightful articles, we've gathered a range of links to support your needs. Explore and discover valuable resources to enhance your experience within our community and beyond.

Coop Links – Cooperative

Discover a curated selection of resources tailored for cooperative housing units, focusing on community engagement, sustainability, networking, and support.  

Coop Links – Professional

Explore a range of professional services catered to cooperative housing units, including legal assistance, financial consulting, property management, and maintenance support. 

Coop Links – Associations

Unlock a wealth of resources through cooperative housing associations, where you’ll find a diverse array of services and training opportunities. From educational workshops to networking events

Coop Links – University

Access tailored services and training from universities, providing expertise in areas like governance, sustainability, and community development for cooperative housing units.

Coop Links – HUD

Explore invaluable support and literature from government agencies and HUD tailored for cooperative housing communities. Delve into a treasure trove of resources including guides, manuals, and publications covering legal frameworks, financing options, governance best practices.