Training Opportunities

Board Training is More Important Than Ever


The MAHC and NAHC Annual Conferences have become a vital resource for cooperative housing education and training. These conferences feature instructors with diverse expert knowledge in the cooperative field, ranging from management agents and lawyers to accountants and experienced cooperators. They provide insight and expertise on nearly any topic related to cooperative housing, including fair housing, legal updates, effective meeting management, and marketing strategies.

It’s important to remember that training is like a muscle – it must be constantly challenged or else it weakens. The education and training of directors and co-op members are under greater challenges than ever before, so it’s essential to take advantage of the resources that MAHC & NAHC offers now and in the future.


Atlantis –
Paradise Island,Bahamas
May 19th – 22nd, 2024

NAHC’s Annual Conference
Vancouver, BC, Canada
October 23-26, 2024