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Timeline for Planning a Successful Annual Meeting

There should be ample time set aside to adequately prepare and plan for this community event;

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Things to Do at Every Board Meeting

Arrive on time, come prepared, and contribute to the meeting.

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8 Tips for Boosting Board Meeting Attendance

To encourage residents to start attending board meetings and actively participating in the community,

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Five People You’ll Meet at Annual Board Meeting

The talker, the fly on the wall, the devil’s advocate, the personal agenda, The rational contributor.

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Improve Outcomes of Annual Board Retreats

Organizations plan an annual retreat to empower the board of directors with information and inspiration.

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How to Solve the Problem with Annual Meetings

Does your board have trouble with homeowner attendance at your annual board meeting?

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How to Make the Most of Annual Meetings

Annual meetings are important events in the life of an association and making the most of them takes careful planning.

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How to Increase Participation

Many people find HDFC governance confusing and intimidating— all the meetings, by-laws, classes, and reports seem new and overwhelming.

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Annual Election During the COVID‐19 Times.

It is a generally accepted cornerstone of sound corporate governance that shareholder participation is a key component of a successful annual meeting.

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