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Orientation Should be More Than a Familiarization.

Most organizations conduct board orientation periodically.  The audience, delivery, content, and frequency are vast. 

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New Member Orientation

Too frequently, groups skip any form of orientation and place their new members directly on committees or organizational projects.

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Board Orientation Check List

This checklist is a general outline to guide the orientation of new board members.

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How to Host an Effective Board Orientation

Orienting a association board is no different than onboarding a new team member.

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Before Board Service Ask The Tough Questions

Some bad things to board members happen because they don’t ask any questions about what service will entail.

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Board Orientation Manual

Board Orientation Manual – Sample Table of Contents

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Board Orientation

NEWLY elected board members rely on staff to inform them about their roles and responsibilities.

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Boards often scoff at the idea of an annual leadership orientation.

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