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Turning Over a New Leaf

The board’s role is to govern and set policies and procedures, standards, budgets, and programs for an association. 

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Running Effective Nonprofit Board Meetings

During the last three years, I served as the Executive Director of a youth-focused leadership development nonprofit and was chair of the board of directors.

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New Board – How to Make the Transition

Typically, board transitions happen after elections.  Voted in by the community members, new directors volunteer to take on the duties of the board. 

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Knowing Your Boundaries

What boards should know about enforcement authority?

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Improving Board of Directors

This resource was produced to help you improve the operations of your housing cooperative’s board of directors.

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Essential Board Member Skills

Listen to more, talk less- When I was asked which skill was the most essential for board members.  

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Discussion Guide

Whether it’s ending homelessness or increasing access to opera, providing at-risk. 

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Board Members Skills

Staying Patient, Maintaining Objectivity, Learn to listen,  communicating effectively, 

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