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Board of Directors Code of Ethics

Board of Directors code of ethics.

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Example Code of Conduct for Directors

The standards of personal behavior and conduct required of directors of co-operatives.

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Code of Conduct

The objective of this policy is to specify how co-op members should behave within the co-op and, when engaged in co-op business,

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Conflict of Interest Policy Revised

The purpose of the conflict-of-interest policy is to protect the interests of the Association of International Education Administrators.

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Conflict of Interest Code of Conduct

Members of the Board of Directors will abide by and conform to the following code of conduct:

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Creating a Conflict-of-Interest Policy

Every co-op should have a conflict-of-interest policy as part of its bylaws or policy manual. 

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Cooperative Code of Conduct

Cooperatives mission: To improve co-operative skills in co-operatives. 

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Staff Code of Ethics

Article I. Duty of Good Faith and Loyalty.

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