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Why is cooperative housing Board of Directors training important?

Co-op members are shareholders who annually elect their Board of Directors to oversee and protect their investment. This is a major entrustment of membership resources and faith. The training of Board members is an investment in a multi-million-dollar corporation, and members have a fiduciary duty to protect that investment.


We recognize that in order to keep up with the changes in the industry that we all face daily; We continue to offer exciting, dynamic, and pertinent certification and education.


Video Training

Our Video platform provides cooperatives with the chance to enhance their understanding of Cooperatives principles and gain new competencies via diverse training methods.  abreast of the latest knowledge and research.

Training Manuals

Please note that I have been working and using some of these for classes.   A majority of them are updated but some are not.  I just wanted to put out as much information for free that I had to help cooperative members do well. 

Free Training Manuals

Some of my old training manuals I used for Classes


We offer a full portfolio of new and updated programs in cooperative education

Online Education

members need to stay informed about the latest trends in cooperative law.


Board Members
Building Skills

Directors in a cooperative hold a pivotal position, representing both users of its services and other members who rely on those services. Collaborating, directors set objectives for the cooperative and make decisions that chart its course toward these objectives. However, it’s essential to understand that directors serve much like trustees, with a legal obligation to protect the members’ assets.

Why Choose

Leadership Development

Cooperative Board Members have a plethora of opportunities to enhance their knowledge and skills. Indeed, Berendson Academy offers an excellent avenue to keep abreast of the latest concepts and theories within your industry.


As leaders in the development and presentation of quality education programs for the cooperative community, we continually update educational topics to keep pace with the ever-changing landscape of our industry.


As a board member, you will learn your roles and responsibilities from every office represented on the board. Leadership development is abundant for cooperative board members.